Perry Office Plus

Accelerate Business Intelligence CRM drives this opportunity-seeking office supply dealer

Perry Office Plus

It’s hardly front page news that in today’s business world, information is power. What might be news, though, is that having access to key business information isn’t enough if it doesn’t come to you in real-time and in a way that makes it easy to understand and communicate. 

Visibility into the business through data analytics enables growth through strategic decision-making

Just ask Bonnie Johnson, marketing manager at Perry Office Plus in Temple, Texas. “Everything changes so fast in our industry today,” she points out. “Customers make decisions on the fly, cost increases come more and more frequently and if we aren’t able to see what’s going on when it happens, keeping the business strong and growing becomes a real challenge.” 

That’s why since 2015, Johnson and the rest of the Perry team have been enthusiastic users of the Acsellerate sales intelligence and customer relationship management solution from ECi. 

“Acsellerate has become a critical tool for our dealership on several key levels,” says Johnson. “It’s a powerful resource to help us identify new sales opportunities, strengthen customer relationships, make better purchasing decisions, and improve margins. I use it daily and so do several of our other key managers and salespeople.” 

Johnson still remembers life at Perry before Acsellerate. “We always had the information, but getting it into a format we could really study was a challenge, and understanding exactly what it all meant was a slow, labor-intensive process,” she recalls.“With Acsellerate, we can generate real-time reports on just about any aspect of the business that we want to. Being able to drill down to the invoice level quickly and easily without having to go back and forth between multiple systems is invaluable when you’re investigating a problem. It’s all right there!” 

Identifying new lines of business empowers the company to sell more to existing customers

Like many dealers, the Perry team has put a lot of effort into repositioning themselves as a true one-stop resource for their customers, with a product mix today that goes far beyond the traditional supplies and furniture offerings. 

“Acsellerate is playing a key role for us as we move into new categories like janitorial, breakroom, and safety,” says Johnson. “Being able to drill down into the minutia of those categories—sometimes quite literally down to the item level in some cases—is a tremendous benefit when we’re trying to sell as much as we can to each customer and if we didn’t have Acsellerate, it’s hard to see how we could do that.” 

And all that is just for starters! 

Critical business intelligence for every business function is delivered at the click of a button

Concerned that your pricing on a contract isn’t where it needs to be to meet margin goals? “Acsellerate can tell you with just a couple of mouse clicks,” says Johnson. 

Or, maybe you want to make sure your salespeople are making enough cold calls to meet their goals. Same answer. 

Perhaps you want to give them a way to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Same answer again, with the help of custom business reviews that can be quickly and easily generated in Acsellerate to identify opportunities to help customers buy better and bring them new value. 

If you’re a stocking dealer, Acsellerate can also help you decide between buying direct or from your wholesaler on the basis of hard facts instead of having to rely on guesswork. 

Intuitive software structure and functionality makes onboarding and training simple

“Acsellerate has become so important for our business that it’s the very first thing we focus on when we’re onboarding new salespeople,” Johnson reports. “Even before they know what an order looks like or what products we carry, we’re walking them through Acsellerate and showing them how they can use it to do their own jobs better.” And, she adds, “Acsellerate’s basic structure and functionality makes that aspect of the training process remarkably easy.” 

“The folks who designed Acsellerate did a really good job of anticipating a dealer’s needs and setting it up so we can see what we need with just a couple of mouse clicks. We’ve had sales reps and users of all ages and backgrounds since we started using Acsellerate and we have yet to find anyone who can’t use it,” she reports. 

“Everybody seems to adapt to it pretty easily and that says a lot for a system when you have such a variety of users. It’s a big plus for our team when they don’t have to constantly rely on somebody else for help. And when you show people the benefits of the program and attach accountability goals to it, it’s pretty easy to get them running and making it part of their daily routine.” 

As impressive as Acsellerate’s features and functionality may be, Johnson says that’s only part of the story. The people side of the software also draws high praise. 

Technical support promptly delivers the right answers and solutions

“We don’t have a lot of technical support needs, but every once in a while, we’ll have a question about the program and when we do, we usually get a response within 24 hours,” she says. “I’ve always found the Acsellerate support team very professional and really quick to respond. They do a great job of helping you use the software the way you need and they’re always very accessible and able to find the right solutions for us.” 

For Johnson and the rest of the Perry team, the resources Acsellerate brings to the table stopped lining up under the “nice-to-have” column a long time ago. “For a dealership like ours, there are so many opportunities available to us today,” she contends. “But the only way we’re going to make the most of those opportunities—particularly in new growth categories like janitorial, safety and breakroom—is if we know how we’re doing, both good and bad. That’s the kind of insight and information we get from Acsellerate. It’s important today and it’s only going to become even more important as we go forward.”