Success Story: Commercial Office Environments

Acsellerate® and TeamDesign® Drive Sales and Profitable Growth

Sara Cook, President of COE

In a way, there are really only a few things you need to know about Commercial Office Environments (COE) and how the Indianapolis-based Haworth dealer uses TeamDesign with Acsellerate.

First of all, reports CEO president Sara Cook happily, sales last year were up a massive 50% and while much of that is due to aggressive sales leadership and a strong market in general, the combination of TeamDesign and the Acsellerate sales intelligence and CRM solution has certainly played a role.

One of the first dealerships to use TeamDesign

COE was one of the initial group of TeamDesign dealers when it was first rolled out some 30 years ago and they’ve stayed with the program ever since. “We liked what the program had to offer back then, the price was right and they’ve never given us any reason to look elsewhere,” says Cook.

“We’ve never had a situation where we needed something and TeamDesign couldn’t give it to us,” she says. “It helps us manage the full range of functions and operations in our business—from proposals and acknowledgements through to delivery tickets and invoicing.”

Acsellerate makes forecasting much easier

Cook and her team took TeamDesign’s information-generating capabilities to a new level about a year ago, when they added Acsellerate to the program.

“We needed a way to manage our opportunities in the marketplace and Acsellerate has given us just that,” she says. “It’s provided our dealership with a new level of accountability that we didn’t have before. Now, I can track our sales team’s calls and appointments quickly and easily, so I can see what they’re doing on a weekly or even daily basis.”

“Where before, we were managing sales activity manually, Acsellerate has made it easy to see what our salespeople are doing, track our wins and losses and make forecasting—which we used to do manually, as well—far easier and more reliable.”

Just as importantly, the TeamDesign-Acsellerate combination has given Cook and her team the ability to manage sales activity at the dealership in a way that will not only keep the momentum strong but also promises to fuel even more growth going forward.

The numbers speak for themselves: Cook started her dealership in 1987 with just six employees and annual sales in that first year of some $2 million. Hit the fast forward button and today, sales at COE have grown to some $13 million, while the current headcount stands at 23.

Do the math and it’s not hard to see how much sales growth at COE over the past 30 years has outpaced headcount and, says Cook, that’s due in no small part to TeamDesign. “For our company and for what I need in terms of reports on the business, it gives us everything we need,” she says.